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About Me

2020-01-30 16:18 CST

I am a junior student at Nanjing University, pursuing Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science.


  • Programming: C/C++, Java, PHP (Laravel)
  • Production Tools: Git, LaTeX, Vegas
  • Multilingual:
    • Mandarin Chinese (Native), can read Traditional Chinese
    • English (scored 103 in TOEFL iBT in Jan 2018)
    • Japanese (passed N2 level with score 144 in Jul 2019)

Student Jobs

  • A member of the class committee of the elite class of CS Dept. since Sept. 2018. My main job is to record class meetings and activities.
  • Secretary of the Youth Volunteers Association of CS Dept. since June 2018. My main job is to control the quality and records of voluntary activities.

Awards (since 2019)

  • 16th October 2019, won gold prize (ranked 16th individually) in 4th Collegiate Computer Systems & Programming Contest (CCF-CCSP). Photo from CNCC official media post.

  • 13th October 2019, won silver award (ranked 32nd as a team) in 5th China Collegiate Programming Contest Harbin Site (ACM/ICPC rules apply).

  • On 12th June 2019, the 'A Video Dream' project launched by Youth Volunteers Association of CS Dept. came first among 10+ creative community outreaches in the Second Voluntary Activities Contest of Nanjing University.

  • June 2019, won first prize (as a team) in JiangSu Provincial Collegiate Programming Contest 2019 (ACM/ICPC rules apply).

Student Projects

  • BuggyOS (2018): the final project of Digital Logic Circuit course, cooperated with Maxwell Lv. We implemented a MIPS32 based CPU, VGA and PS/2 keyboard I/O interface and a simple shell.

  • ICS-PA (2018): The programming assignment of Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS).

  • Tank Game (2019): the programming project of Data Communication (DC) 2019. I implemented a socket-based multiplayer GUI game written in Java.

Personal Projects

  • JB Online (2018-2019): I am the creator and currently the main maintainer of the assignment logging and notifying system built on Laravel 5.8 framework.

  • Project Vireo (2019): A Lumen based customizable dynamic blog system. Intended for replacing Hexo as an automated writing and deploying system. It is now replaced by Hugo for Hugo's convenience and efficiency.

  • CoolQ-Landlords (2017): An adapted version of CoolQ plugin to play Landlords card game on IM software.