Tianyun Zhang GPG Key

A sophomore student at Nanjing University, pursuing a B.S. of Computer Science.


  • JB Online: I am the creator and currently the maintainer of the assignment logging and notifying system built on Laravel 5.7 framework.

  • Project Vireo: A Lumen (Laravel) 5.8 based slim, extendable, customizable dynamic blog system. Intended for replacing Hexo as an automated writing and deploying system.

Blog and Docs

I write blog posts in Mandarin Chinese about life, study and my projects. You can check out posts at blog index.

Also, course notes and reports are archived in docs page.

A list of my friends' pages/blogs can be found at the friends' link page.


Social links are displayed in top navigation bar of any page. You can contact me on Telegram (@doowzs) or shoot me an email at blog.doowzs@outlook.com.